If You Want To Wake Up, You Must Understand “Location”

If you understand the idea of “Location”, you’ll be able to turn the lights on in your inner and outer life.

We make an error thinking that we are just one single, stable identity. In truth, we have many different centers of gravity within us—many different Locations. But no one tells us this growing up. No one ever taught us how to manage our different Locations.

And so, at some level, we move through life like someone who is driving in the desert, on a moonless night, with their lights off.

If you understand Location, everything else will fall into place quite nicely. You will discover that every Location has a particular View and experience of Reality.  Location is where we are in any given moment. Location is the answer to the question: What state of mind am I in right now?

Or put more simply: Where am I now?  View is what we see from where we are, from our Location. And Reality is our experience that gets defined by what we see. Think Location, View and Reality (LVR), as what drives and controls your life.

If you understand LVR, you’ll understand three very important things:

  1. Your Location determines your View.
  2. Your View defines your Reality.
  3. Your Reality is your experience of what is real.

I developed a method I use in my therapy and teaching work. This method allows a person to understand their LVR’s and so they can avoid the confusion cause by shifting states of mind. And so live at a more aware and awakened level.

This method is an awareness practice, drawn in part from my work in the contemplative and meditation mind sciences. It is so powerful because it makes us aware of our Location, View and Reality, moment to moment.

My work is about waking up and connecting to our soul.  We can’t do this if we live our life lost in waking dreams. Most of us do. Waking up is a lot of work. But it’s well worth it.



If You Want To Wake Up, You Must Understand “Location”