The Reality of Soul Will Take Your Breath Away!

The reality of soul is a place, but it’s not a physical place.

It’s a place that’s in our deep interior. It can be accessed by awakened states of mind. These states of mind are not only our birthright, they are also our true nature.

If we are stuck in our conditioned self-image, however, then these deep states of mind will be beyond our reach. We must develop and cultivate deep-intuitive states of mind.

Otherwise we remain stuck in thinking-mind waking dreams, dreams that we then mistake for reality. Dreams that we hear about on the news, every day.

While stuck in our surface identity, we have no clue that our soul even exists. When our soul is in exile, it hides in our suffering and our longing. For example, as anxiety and depression.

Our soul’s deepest yearning is to be seen and recognized.

Awakening our soul is a very moving emotional experience. There are no words for it.

Deep mind awareness brings a flow of non-conceptual experience. A flow that can include flashes of life-giving knowledge and wisdom.

Consider the difference between the surface mind and our deep mind:

  • Our earth rotates around the sun at 1000 MPH.
  • It revolves around the sun at 67,000 MPH.
  • Our solar system rotates around the Milky Way at speeds of up to 540,000 MPH.
  • And our galaxy is traveling at more than 2,237,000 MPH.

Why don’t we experience this with breathtaking awe and wonder?

Our surface mind considers the speed of our planet, solar system and galaxy as interesting—even amazing—facts.

But our surface mind feels separate from it all.

Our deep mind, in contrast, experiences these outrageous “facts” directly, as the mystery of its own Being.

And so it opens us to experience beyond words, experience that flows not only of from what’s going on in the universe, but also from within our innermost essence.

These are non-conceptual experiences that connect us to who we truly are. Experiences that awaken us and take our breath away.


The Reality of Soul Will Take Your Breath Away!