Healthy Mind: The Connection Between Depth Psychology & Spirituality

There’s a powerful connection between depth psychology and spirituality.

Because it’s in the deeper levels of our mind that we find the sacred dimension of life.

Depth psychology also gives us the opportunity to see and understand the benefits and risks that come with a decision to develop our spiritual lives.

Depth psychology focuses on the benefits that come with spiritual practice. And on the risks that come with the spiritual path.


For example, westerners who fail to understand how to safely work with spiritual teachers, spiritual teachings and spiritual communities, often run into trouble.

The source of authentic spiritual knowledge and wisdom is contemplative science.

From centuries of people engaging in experiential practices focused on observing, exploring and understanding the nature of mind.

The findings of contemplative science go far beyond the findings of mainstream psychology.


A key reason why things are so insane today is that we live in a world where there is very little understanding of what a truly healthy mind is.

Most western psychology and therapy presume that a strong ego is the cornerstone of a healthy mind.

Contemplative science research shows otherwise. A strong ego often creates an emotionally confused and defensive mind, an unhealthy mind that mistakes its own projections for reality.


While we need a resilient ego for the rigors of daily life, and to adventure into egoless states of mind, a too strong ego often lacks perspective.

It tends to be preoccupied with itself first and foremost. And it gives rise to states of mind that are often reactive and self-important.

It’s amazing that contemplative science discovered the true basis of a healthy mind. Yet most people are unaware.

In a sane world these discoveries would be “Breaking News.” But sanity and wisdom don’t sell well in today’s media marketplace.

Unfortunately, what sells is provocative and sensational storylines expertly manufactured to arouse and incite.

Healthy Mind: The Connection Between Depth Psychology & Spirituality