Psychology & Therapy: NEW Developments

At the end of this month, I’ll be doing a  four hour radio interview on Midnight In the Desert radio.

The theme will be “Awakening the Soul”. I look forward to such a long interview. It will give me the opportunity to explore new ideas in depth. I no longer do short interviews on commercial radio because of the constraints.


New developments in research demand the revision of the process and aims of psychology and therapy.

Therapy can’t in good conscience, maintain a focus of diagnosing, pathologizing and treating problems that plague most of us today.

And psychology can’t continue to fail to address the negative consequences of a civilization caught in a materialistic nightmare. A nightmare that produces so many troubled, unhealthy minds.

Psychology and therapy can now focus on breaking free from this materialistic trance—from a mindset that only recognizes the visible, external and the sensory world as real.

We must develop the healthy, awareness-based states of mind needed to enter into our invisible deep interior. And we have to create the inner psychological infrastructure we need to avoid conditioned limits that keep us from our deepest possibilities.

Just one example of the New Developments I will discuss: Contemplative mind science, particularly Dzogchen psychology.

They give us an understanding of the human mind, many times more exact and comprehensive than much of mainstream western psychology.

The difference is similar to the difference between looking through an electron microscope and prescription eye glasses.

New Developments enables and empowers us to do two important things:

  1. Break free from the limits of our surface thinking-mind,  and
  2. Enter into our deep intuitive-mind, where we can connect to our soul

Our “soul” is our innermost essence—who we truly are.

It’s in our deeper mind that we encounter the basis of true sanity. And the opportunity to craft an awakened life . A life that can be well lived, loved and understood.

Psychology & Therapy: NEW Developments