Dr. Jim Manganiello

Dr. Jim Manganiello is an award winning clinical psychologist, teacher and author.

  • Depth Therapy is a journey away from the surface of life into the essential core of who we truly are. It’s a path that reveals the unconscious forces that limit and trouble our life so that we can break free from them. And Depth Therapy brings us into our deep intuitive-mind to unveil and connect us to the knowledge and wisdom we need to connect to our deep identity, our innermost essence. So we can live from there with awareness, presence, compassion and conviction.

  • Identification with a conditioned self-image. We download an image of who we are from the millions of interactions we have with our parents, siblings, early teachers and culture. The way they viewed us becomes the way we view ourselves. We download this identity at an early age and come to see it as true and accurate. It isn’t. It’s false. The problem is that false or not, we think, feel and act in accord with it. That leaves us stuck in a surface identity that’s too small for who we truly are.

  • Yes, it can be. Well you see this self-image problem naturally gives rise to other problems. If we are stuck at the wrong address, it never quite feels like home. We feel a lot of emotional confusion as a result. Stress, anxiety and depression as well. We long for something we don’t fully understand. A lot of therapy works to change the furniture in our wrong address to spruce things up. Works for a time—but not for long. Depth Therapy begins with a precise understanding of the problem and it provides the knowledge and tools needed to liberate ourselves from a conditioned surface identity and to connect with and live from who we deeply are.

  • Surely death is a Mystery, but It can. The greatest preparation for life is to awaken to who we are so we can be deeply alive. As we enter our older years, if we are free and connected to our innermost essential core, to our soul—then the knowledge and assistance we need to die at ease will come to us naturally. It won’t be blocked. If death is a transition, as it seems to be according to the wisdom traditions, then deep mind Awareness and Presence can guide us into whatever transition we face when we leave our body. Now our materialist surface mindset regards death as the end. If we can experience our deep mind and connect to who we truly are, then the intuitive flashes of knowledge and wisdom that come forth, will allow us to know otherwise.

  • Many things. But perhaps the most interesting is the integration of reliable “Deep Mind” experiential knowledge from two sources: 1) the eastern meditative and contemplative sciences and 2) entheogen research. We now have access to states of mind in which we can free ourselves from our conditioning and directly experience “who we truly are.”  This refines our ability to appreciate soul, spirit, imagination, creativity and the nature of mind. And it enables us to open to ourselves and to others with awareness, insight and compassion.

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