Don’t Trust Your Self-Image

Our self-image keeps us in a hypnotic trance. A trance that cuts us off from who we truly are.

A trance that traps us in an identity that’s far too small for our soul, i.e., for who we are in our innermost core.

Where does our self-image come from? We develop it in our family.

We come to see ourselves as we were seen by others during critical periods in our formative years.

We need to realize that our self-image is a surface affair, conditioned by our family and our culture.

It’s made up from borrowed and downloaded ideas about who we are. About our physical and psychological characteristics. And about our intelligence and abilities and about our value and worthiness as a human being.

Although your self-image is largely formed and conditioned by others’ views of you, you still come to think of it as who you really are, as your “I” or “me”.

The truth is that our self-image is so powerful that whether or not it’s accurate —we think, feel and act in accord with it.

This fact has caused at least as much suffering and as much wasted life as war.

It’s like a mask we put on, but can’t get off. Moreover, we typically forget that we put it on.

It can cause a lot of pain, wasted life and Waking Dreams. Waking Dreams that leave us adrift in a sea of emotional confusion and wrong assumptions about who we are and about what our life can be.

Until we awaken to the limits and perils of our conditioned self-image, our deepest possibilities remain out of reach.



Don’t Trust Your Self-Image