How To Create A Great Marriage/Committed Relationship—The Third Key

In this final blog post in a brief series, we explore The third key on how to create a great long-term committed relationship.

The Third Key to a great marriage is conscious love.

Conscious love runs deeper than romantic love. In romantic love, we want the other person. In conscious love, we want what’s best for the other person.

In a marriage where conscious love prevails, each partner is naked and fully known to the other. Each takes turns reflecting, guiding and supporting their partner, into her or his deepest possibilities.

Conscious love of course sounds like a fantastic idea. But our capacity to relate with conscious love doesn’t come easy. We have to work on it. The Third Key is interdependent with the first and second.

If we  know and own ourselves, and if we can communicate from insight as partners, then we can stand free of entitled or wounded self-interest.

The human mind is fragile in that it’s surface nature is inclined to adversarial conflict and power and control struggle.

And so our capacity for conscious love in a relationship needs effort and practice. if it is to strengthen and stabilize.

Great couples have each other’s backs. To be seen and loved by someone is the gold in relationship.

And it’s best shared as treasure between two people.

With effort and dedication to a high-quality life, we can learn to master the Three Keys.

And so, enjoy a depth of intimacy and companionship—one of the greatest fruits of this life.


How To Create A Great Marriage/Committed Relationship—The Third Key