You Can Awaken From Your “Waking Dreams”

If we could run back the video in our daily life, we’d be amazed at how much we’re caught in Waking Dreams.

Waking dreams are driven by shifting states of mind caused mostly by our never-ending flow of our stream of consciousness. This thought-flow sweeps us out to sea and drives drive us into different “Locations” (see prior post).

Waking Dreams typically throw us into storylines about the past or future, near or far. In these storylines, we become the protagonist in circumstances that feel very real, but are not.

Just like in our sleeping dream–it feels so real. Until we wake up. Then we know we were just dreaming.

Well in the daytime, we can also awaken, a second time. If we do, then we “know” we were just dreaming, just a moment ago. If we know how we can release into free awareness. and then relax into a fresh moment.

In Waking Dreams, the dream-critter monsters of self-doubt, hesitation and negativity often provoke us. Just like during sleep when you dream that a fierce monster is chasing, and you flee in dread and horror.

Why? Because your dream View is that you’re in danger. And your experience of Reality is terror and risk of death. You’re dreaming, but you’re not aware of it.

Once you wake up, your Location shifts to “awake” and your View and Reality shift accordingly.

No need to look for the monsters under the bed. You know they don’t really exist.

Similarly, you can fall into Waking Dreams during the day, dreams in which your fear, self-doubt “monsters” chase you around. When you are unaware of your Location.

That’s when you don’t realize that your Location is a state of mind, one among others, with a fear and self-doubt View.

When you’re unaware that you’re in a Waking  Dream, you mistake these dream monsters as real ones.

That View then defines your Reality and your Waking Dream experience will leave you at the mercy of ideas about yourself and your life that that are, in truth, false. But if you don’t wake up—you’ll buy into them as real.

Real inner work, real therapy, is about waking up. Nothing competes with what waking up brings.


You Can Awaken From Your “Waking Dreams”