Self-Esteem, Self-Image And Depth Therapy

Whether or not we have low self-esteem or high self-esteem depends on our self-image. Among the most powerful ways to improve self-esteem is to free ourselves from a poor or negative self-image. Depth Therapy is a unrivaled path for doing this work.

We develop our self-image — our view of who we are — in our family and culture. Where we come to see ourselves as we were seen by others.

Our self-image can be a problem in our lives because, in essence, it’s a conditioned habit. A bad habit that’s hard to break free from. It consists of the views we download about our physical and psychological characteristics. As well as our intelligence and abilities, and our value and worthiness as a human being.

If significant figures in our childhood family viewed and responded to us as if we were a clumsy, unattractive, unintelligent nuisance, for example, we’d have a negative self-image. A negative self-image that would drive our low self-esteem.

People with low self-esteem tend to live shorter lives.  Low self-esteem people live lives riddled with more problems and heartache than do people with higher self-esteem.

Consider that, although your self-image is largely formed and conditioned by others’ views of you, you still come to think of it as you, as your “I” or “me.” Your conditioned image of who you are becomes what I call “your wrong psychological address.”

This wrong address is where you reside much of the time, but it’s not your true home. It’s not where you in fact belong. But you don’t realize this error, because you continually mistake your wrong self-image based address as your proper dwelling place.

The truth is that our self-image is terribly powerful. It determines our self-esteem levels. And, whether or not our self-image is accurate, we think, feel and act in accord with it. This fact has caused at least as much suffering and as much wasted life as war.

Until we escape from the tyranny of a conditioned self-image, we can’t discover, connect to and live from who we truly are.

Self-Esteem, Self-Image And Depth Therapy