Depth Therapy Will Unlock Your Imagination

Our imagination is locked behind the heavy traffic of our surface thinking-mind. Depth Therapy will unlock your imagination by bringing you into your deep intuitive-mind.

Depth Therapy is a quest. It’s a journey away from the surface of things and into the deep, into the essential core of who we are. We can’t make this Depth Therapy journey without the creative imagination.  Why?

Because only the imagination grants the knowledge and the means we need to break free from the wrong-headed views of our conditioned surface mind. Our conditioned identity is a persona. It’s a surface affair. It’s a persona based on a false self-image we’ve downloaded from our family and culture.

This self-image keeps us stuck in a trance wading in the shallow waters of life. We don’t notice it because so many other people are in a similar trance today. It feels “normal”. Depth Therapy will give you the escape velocity to move beyond your self-image.

Our imagination is part of our deeper mind. It needs to be unlocked to come to life.  Our imagination is not a plaything. In fact, it’s like an organ of knowing and Being. It can connect us to archetypal reality and our essential core—with other words—to our soul.

Archetypes are inborn themes, motifs and patterns that are shared collectively in the unconscious mind of all human beings. Each archetype has its own mood, outlook, vantage point and experience of reality. An archetypal image is a symbolic image packed with the energy of a particular archetype. When our imagination is unlocked we can SEE and not just look at dream images and great art images, among many others.

If we SEE an archetypal image, we can unpack its power. And so experience the symbolic energy that gave rise to the image, energy that can deepen our knowledge and elevate our Being.


Depth Therapy Will Unlock Your Imagination